Balun for dipole 1:1 (DB1143)


Balun for dipole 1:1 (DB1143)


Baluun for dipole 1:1
Model DB1143
Freq. 1-30 MHZ
Power – 1kw (1.5kw peak)
DIGI – 500w (1kw peak)
Insertion Loss Less than 0.02db
Choke more than -30db
Amidon core FT240-43
Silverplated wire 1.5mm
Polycarbonate box ip65
Other stuff – copper, brass, stainless steel

if you do not find the balun you need, or power rate to small and you need “biggunbalun”- contact me

All my balun it custom handmade.
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Weight 0.6 kg